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Civil Weddings in Italy

Couples getting legally married in Italy are amazed at the stateliness of the civil ceremony. The Mayor or Representative of the State dons the traditional Italian red, white and green sash and reads the articles of law governing the rights and responsibilities of married couples in Italian, which is simultaneously translated into English.


Civil weddings take place in town halls which might be elegant palazzos decorated with beautiful antiques, tapestries and art. Many of these palazzos offer stunning open-air courtyards or terraces, some overlooking the sea. They are normally located in the heart of the town.


In recent years the mayors of some towns have agreed to travel to a location of your choice and perform the ceremony out doors.


The ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes in its pure form but you can personalise it with your own vows, readings and music injecting your personalities and style in to the ceremony.


You are legally obliged to have an interpreter present throughout the ceremony, even if you or your partner can speak Italian. The interpreter should be a professional who will sign and make an oath to translate accordingly.


Civil ceremonies are very popular in Italy and we often arrange them the day before a larger celebration or in the morning followed by a blessing.  

Since 2016 Italy recognises civil unions and we are delighted to be able organise same sex weddings in some of the most beautiful town halls. 


There is legal paperwork to be completed before you can get married, but we will assist you with all legalities, making it a very easy process.


We are not affiliated to any specific venues and are more than happy to work with a venue of your choice.

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