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Luxury wedding in Tuscany

The wedding of Alex and Amy, where love and beauty came together under the Tuscan sun.  4 days of unforgettable celebrations, surrounded by friends and family in stunning landscapes and luxury accommodations.

Bright and colourful Wedding in Treviso

Elena and Tommy's wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The bright flowers and barbie pink accents were a perfect backdrop for their striking wedding.  The Catholic wedding ceremony took place in the gardens of a historic castle overlooking the Veneto, followed by a feast prepared by Michelin star chefs and dancing until the early hours, making their wedding in Italy unforgettable. Their special day was an experience their guests will cherish forever.

Simply stunning wedding in Ravello

At the wedding of Rosie and Mike, we were treated to an absolutely stunning celebration of love and fun that incorporated a range of  personalised touches. The dolce vita in Ravello provided the perfect backdrop for their celebrations, and their elegant Villa on the Amalfi Coast was simply breathtaking. Beautiful in its simplicity and detail, their wedding was an event to remember for all guests in attendance.

Rustic chic wedding in Sicily

Sabrina and Mikes wedding in Sicily was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and friendship. Sabrina and Mike chose a rustic yet elegant theme that perfectly complemented their stunning venue, an exclusive Masseria. The simple styling allowed the natural beauty of Sicily to shine through, creating a magical atmosphere that was enjoyed by all until sunrise!

Romantic wedding in Tuscany

 It is a joy to share with you Simon and Amanda's dream wedding in Tuscany! Their special day with their loved ones was held in a beautiful castle in the heart of Tuscany. From the moment they got engaged, they knew they wanted to celebrate their love in a truly unique setting, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the warmth of Italian culture. They exchanging their vows in the town hall the day before their symbolic ceremony, followed by a night of celebration and joy.

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Fun elopement in Taormina

When Roget and Rosemary decided to elope and with less than 6 weeks to turn their vision in to a reality we turned to the town hall of Taormina for their civil wedding ceremony, which was the perfect choice for them. It was so romantic and memorable. After the ceremony they were met by a fun Fiat 500 and traditional Sicilian musicians who escorted them through the streets, stopping for their first dance in the town square as the sun set. 

Childhood sweethearts wedding in Sicily

This wedding was a truly unforgettable experience, with the couple and guests enjoying a week of celebration, love, and happiness. I was honoured to be a part of such a special occasion, and to meet such an adorable family.

Fall wedding in Tuscany

The beautiful memories of Gabe and Allie's fall wedding in the Tuscan countryside. With three days of events, their Irish-American families came together to celebrate their love.

Wedding in an Italian castle 

The groom, a former professional basketball player in Italy, knew that there was no better place to bring his bride and their friends and family for their special day than the country he loves so much. From the stunning outdoor ceremony, to the exquisite Italian cuisine, every aspect of their wedding was infused with romance, passion, and Italian culture. The guests marvelled at the charming details, including the Italian guests who were impressed. It was an unforgettable day filled with laughter, love, and joy.

Family wedding in Ravello

After working closely with the adorable Ciara and Ryan, it was a honour to also be their celebrant and celebrate their nuptials on a beautiful terrace overlooking the stunning Amalfi Coast in an iconic Villa. The focus for this 3 day celebration was family, long friends that are like family and it was surrounded by these friends and family that they danced the night away and created memories that will last a lifetime. 

Tuscan villa wedding

Take a look at one of our real past weddings where an adorable couple celebrated their special day in the heart of the Italian countryside. Their Catholic wedding took place in a historic country church with breathtaking views.  The villa provided a romantic and intimate setting for the couple and their guests.


Dreamy wedding in Puglia

We are thrilled to share the story of Kirsty and Craig's wedding with you. Their special day was filled with joy, laughter, and the love of their family and friends. The beautiful region of Puglia served as the perfect backdrop for this destination wedding, and their country-style celebration was infused with elegance and charm. 

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 Sinfully beautiful wedding in Italy

Stefano and James' wedding was sure to be an event guests would be hard pressed to forget. After a run up of welcome parties and dinners, their wedding was hosted in a family villa near Padova, the stunning sunset dinner feature amazing cuisine and beautiful floral arrangements. The theme, seven deadly sins, ensured that the event was unique, evocative and unforgettable.

Timeless wedding on Lake Como

The wedding of Julie and Russell  was held at an exclusive villa located on the shore of Lake Como. The stunning destination provided the perfect backdrop for a magical day, with beautiful flowers, a serene atmosphere, and breathtaking views. With their loved ones from Scotland and Australia  their special day was truly magical.

Elegant wedding in Puglia

The wedding of Peter and Mairin was a week-long celebration held in a beautiful castle in Puglia. Guests travelled from Australia and Ireland to celebrate the union of this wonderful couple. The wedding was filled with laughter, joy, and warmth and was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be hard to forget!


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Intimate wedding in Cison 

At the intimate wedding of Sheena and Patrick, we strived to create a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing together two families from different cultures to witness the joy and magic of their love. The couple travelled with their Vicar who celebrated their marriage in the Prosecco Hills. With the brief of a garden setting we styled the surroundings to feel like a secret garden. They celebrated with the best of local food and wine, with the sound of laughter filling the air.

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Rustic wedding in Tassara

The wedding of Anna and Nate was an unforgettable experience that celebrated love and family. Surrounded by the beautiful Italian countryside, they shared their vows in the middle of a circle of friends. Later under open bulb lights, with long tables adorned with delicious Italian food and wine they feasted Italian style. It was a magical night that everyone present will always cherish.

Timeless wedding in an Italian Castello

Jenni and Tom's wedding was a dream come true, held in the stunning surroundings of an Italian castello in the Prosecco hills. Family and friends gathered to celebrate this special occasion with delicious Italian food and plenty of laughter and joy. It was a magical day!

Beautiful wedding in Asolo

A truly magical wedding, with stunning views of rolling hills and romantic architecture of Asolo. They wanted to celebrate in the garden and the brief was white flowers lots and lots of white flowers to create an elegant and timeless look. 

Chic wedding in Florence

Maria and Kit's wedding was a dream come true. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, they exchanged vows in a beautiful Villa in Florence. The romantic and breathtaking scenery of Italy set the stage for this magical event. From the charming outdoor Catholic ceremony to the lively entertainment, their wedding was a true celebration of their love and life together.

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Masseria wedding in Sicily

Relive the magic of Francesca and Michael's stunning Sicilian wedding with us. Their special day was filled with vibrant energy, fun, and the enchanting charm of Sicily. The beautiful location provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration of love and commitment. We are thrilled to share their amazing wedding with you.


Elegant wedding in Florence

Step into the world of romantic weddings with us! Take a look at our past wedding in Florence, it was a dream come true for Maria and Dave. The stunning castle venue, delicious Italian food, and the symbolic ceremony created an unforgettable experience. Contact us to learn more about how our team can make your special day just as magical.

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