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Kelly Hayes

Since 2005, I have built a strong profile in the Italian wedding industry through passion and a strong work ethic. "Kelly Hayes  Wedding Design" has grown into an established and reliable company, one where your wedding will be nurtured and I guarantee a personal and professional service.


I am Irish and have lived in Italy for  30 years, I have an amazing support team who are Italian, but your main point of contact is with me personally planning and designing your wedding.


Without physically making the day longer, we offer practical help and guidance, taking care of everything for our brides and grooms; making things happen; we have a passion for getting things right – first time, every time. We organise each wedding as if it were our own.   

My love for designing and planning weddings never dims; my team and I always get the job done with ease and a smile and are on site to support the bride and groom through all stages of their celebrations.


 Greta joined the team originally as a summer job way back when she was attending university. 10 years on and with a degree in languages, she has grown in to an amazing and beautiful member of the team.

Her eye for detail and her ability to arrive on site and pull together the event, in a calm and organised way is a delight to behold. 

Greta is Italian, fluent in English; French; Spanish and Chinese, all of which she uses with her grace. She adores the arts and is always looking for the latest trends.  




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Wedding planner in Italy, wedding flowers, white flowers, luxury wedding in Italy


Angela joined Kelly Hayes Wedding Design in 2022, a talented and passionate wedding planner with a keen eye for detail and a love for logistics, she is personable and detail-oriented, which allows her to keep the office in tip top shape.


Her calm outlook and commitment to excellence shines through in all she does, along with a wicked sense of humour, Angela creates genuine and meaningful relationships with clients and suppliers. 

Angela is originally from Romania and has been living in Italy for the past 30 years, she is fluent in English; French; and Spanish. 


"We had no idea where to start other than Italy and Kelly focused our minds and helped us find our style" 

Bride and groom first dance

"We seek to create beauty in the smallest of elements, telling your story through 
exquisite details."

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