2nd January 2021
Happy New Year from Italy!


To say it's been a funny old year would be an understatement and I think its safe to say it's not over yet! But even with the challenges 2020 brought, at the same time it has made us all slow down, spend more time with our loved ones, bunkered down at home, focus on our families, our own health, our wellbeing...


Basically 2020 made us remember who is important and the values we cherish. Love has triumphed and the festive season has seen many marriage proposals. As couples turn their attention towards planning their wedding, Italy with all the tradition and family values, amazing venues, history and fantastic food and wine is the perfect location for a destination wedding. 


Now I wish I did not have to write about Covid 19, and I am sure you wish you were not reading about it when thinking about your wedding anywhere in the world, but I would like to update you on the situation here in Italy.

The Coronavirus vaccine has arrived in Italy!! Whilst restrictions are currently still in place, the Italian government have shown to be decisive in putting the publics health first and as we saw in the first wave, Italy did a great job! 

What are the current Covid rules in Italy?


Currently visitors arriving from the UK, France,  Croatia, Greece, Malta, and Spain are obliged to have a Covid 19 test no more than 72 hours before their arrival in Italy or a rapid test is to be taken at the airport on their arrival. The list of countries who require this are constantly changing and it is recommended that you check with your FO before you travel. 

Over the festive season quarantine and covid tests are in place for all arrivals from outside of Italy and we will keep you posted when this changes. 

The law requires the use of masks in all public spaces. 

We are much better informed now than we were back in March 2020, and with a clearer idea of what we are facing this year.  Last summer, measures were put in place to protect guests and staff, include staff wearing masks, no buffets and implementing social distancing at the tables if you’re not from the same household. There were no restrictions on guests numbers and I think this will be upheld this year.

We have received a few messages from brides asking if we think their Spring 2021 weddings will need to be pushed back. We are very optimistic and we are going ahead as normal for all of our couples living in Europe, finalising the plans for their weddings and are feeling really positive. 

Unfortunately for our couples living in New Zealand and Australia, we really can not say if travel to Italy will be a possibility in 2021. We understand it is an emotional subject, but with the Australian PM announcing that he can not foresee Australians traveling to Europe until 2022. We are advising our brides and grooms to move their wedding back to 2022, penciling in a new date for 2022 would be a good plan for the moment.  I promise we will work as hard as we did in March for anyone wishing to move their wedding to 2022. 

For all other couples from outside of Europe, there are currently still quarantine and covid tests requirements, but with the vaccine in play, we are feeling super positive. We have moved some of our American couples weddings from the Spring to the autumn/fall, we did not give this advice lightly, we know that moving weddings again will have a financial impact on our couples, but we also understand that peace of mind and mental health is more important. 


We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, people are being affected in so many different ways, but when dealing with something that is out of your control, it is important to stay calm and focused, this is why you have a wedding planner! 

So if you are setting the date for your wedding in Italy, my advice is if you are from Europe, summer weddings in 2021 are looking good and there are really amazing deals to be found! If you are only just starting to plan your wedding and are looking at 2022, it is booking up fast so it is advisable to secure your date as soon as you find your venue! 


We all need great weddings after this to bring our families and friends back together! 

Kelly x 

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