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Symbolic Wedding Blessings in Italy


Symbolic blessings are not legally binding but they are a wonderful option if you would prefer not to complete the paperwork that is required for a civil or religious ceremony, for same sex unions and for renewal of your vows and commitment to each other.


A symbolic wedding or commitment ceremony captures the romance and importance of celebrating your love, while providing flexibility and allowing you to personalise the ceremony so that it represents both of your personalities.


A great aspect of a symbolic ceremony is that it can be performed in any location of your choice; on the beach, in a romantic Italian garden or in the courtyard of a medieval castle. Anyone can perform the actual ceremony, be it a symbolic minister, a trusted friend or a member of the clergy or state. Since it is ‘symbolic’ ceremony no paperwork is necessary.


Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony in the grounds of their venue after they have been married in a civil ceremony elsewhere the day before or on that morning.

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