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Protestant, Baptist & other Christian Faith Weddings


Non-Catholic, Christian weddings can be celebrated inside the Church of England or Church of America’s churches in the heart of Rome, Florence and Venice. In some villages the local priest will grant you permission to use his village church for other Christian faith weddings.


If your wedding venue has a private chapel on site you may also celebrate you wedding there with no restrictions. Unlike the Catholic Church, there are fewer limits when it comes to Protestant weddings, you could even get married on top of a snow capped mountain.


Some ministers have been granted permission from the Italian government to be able to perform a legally binding ceremony, eliminating the need to go to the town hall the day before or on that morning. However in some regions you are still required to take this step.


The Italian Wedding Planner team can arrange one of the several friendly ministers living in Italy who would be delighted to perform your ceremony. You are also very welcome to bring your minister from home.


There is some paperwork to be completed and other steps that the church will require you to take but we can guide you through this process.

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